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Specialist Debt Advice

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The Debt advice team can offer assistance in negotiating and setting up informal debt management plans.  We do not charge any set up or monthly fee allowing ALL payments to go towards clearing the clients debt.  We also offer advice in the following areas:

This also includes additional support regarding Loans, Hire Purchase; Fines; Insurance; Mortgage Arrears; Rent Arrears; Suspended Possession Orders; Eviction; Council Tax Arrears; Utility Debt; Telephone/Television Packages; Bank Loan; Overdrafts; Catalogue; Mail Order; Door to Door Lending; Insolvency/Bankruptcy; Refusal to supply goods/services on any grounds, i.e. credit, fuel or other; Insurance/Pensions/savings; Pricing and charging disputes.

We cannot deliver business advice whilst the business is still trading.

To make an appointment telephone us on 01429 271294.

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